WPML and Category Order Problem

My first tip is about the use of WordPress with the great multilanguage plugin WPML.org …and the problem is: how to order the categories list in every language?
Wordpress needs a plugin to order the categories following your (or your clients’) whishes, and I use the well done Category Order, but it doesn’t work with WPML, unless you try to force the plugin to eat your manipulated querystrings. Here an example for two languages.

  • Reach the Category Order menu under Articles
  • Order the Categories (for the main language) and copy the url you have after the ordering
  • reopen the Category Order menu adding “&lang=en”  (for the english i.e.) to the url to have the capability to order the Categories in another language, order…and this will mess up the order in other languages :P Nevermind, copy the url you have after ordering
  • concatenate the list of Categories IDs of the two url you copy in point 2 and 3 in one of the two link and use it! Now both Categories (or more than two if you iterate) follows your will.
  • Often subcategories makes problem with this method, but you only have to open for editing one subcategory (use querystring id if they also disappear in the wp list of Cat) and simply save without make any changes.

Hope this will be helpful!

PS: soon I will contact the author of Category Order plugin to adapt it for the use with WPML!

Update: I only tried this workaround on wp 2.9.2, not yet on the new 3.0

Update 2: Thanx to d2f that confirms this workaround fits even WP 3.0!

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Posted martedì, giugno 29th, 2010 under WordPress.


  1. Tank you a lot of.

    Muchas gracias, si no hubiera sido por ti no podria haber ordenado las categorias de http://www.ayunikevent.com

    Very Tanks

  2. alessandro scrive:

    Very glad this help you Serges!!!
    Thanx for your comment :-)

  3. As if that is useful for someone, in my case… / Por si es útil para alguien, en mi caso…:

    URL 1

    URL 2

    URL 3 (1st language)

    URL 3 (2nd language)

    Thank U very much / Muchas gracias

  4. By the way, I confirm that this workaround works with WordPress 3.0 / Por cierto, confirmo que este método funciona con WordPress 3.0.

    Thanks / Gracias

  5. very well information you write it very clean. I’m very lucky to get this info from you.

  6. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. here’s a solution to fix the plugin (category order):

    theres just a little bug in line 31 and line 45 it’s “echo get_bloginfo(‘wpurl’)” without the echo the url is wrong.

    but then its working fine to order categories in each wpml language. tested with wp 301. thanks to bricecol!

    .. here’s my fixed category-order.php

  8. janr , thanx! you saved a lot of my time

    :-*** <3 <3 <3

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